High Quality Self Inflating Mattresses From Jungle Reef Outdoors

Global National Australia is the parent company of Techniice and its associated brands. Techniice Australia owns the brand Jungle Reef Outdoors, who manufacture quality Self Inflating Camping Mattresses for outdoor enthusiasts. Techniice have been in business for over 25 years, guaranteeing a quality product for years to come.

Everybody loves a good night’s sleep. When camping, it is often difficult to replicate the same comfortable experience you get at home. This experience is changed by the introduction of Jungle Reef Outdoors’ self inflating mattresses. Designed for every situation you might find yourself in, you can now have the right camping mattress for any outdoor occasion.

Self Inflating Camping Mattress

Jungle Reef Outdoors manufactures the finest camping mattresses available. The mattress is self inflatable, providing the end user with a high level of convenience. This is great for setting up camp when you’re tired, and don’t have the energy to prepare your sleeping space. Because they’re inflatable, they only take up their full volume when you’re ready to use them. Once inflated, the mattress has a comfy thickness of 6cm for maximum relaxation from your rest. This is convenient as it gives you the best value for your space while travelling, and then the most comfortable self inflating camping mattress when you’re ready to sleep at night.

Jungle Reef mattresses are of the highest possible quality. The 50D TPU coating and non slip base are key features of this product. This gives your mattress a secure place for your sleep as well as enduring quality to extend the life of your product.

The mattresses come with an easily packable bag. This is great for camping, hiking and other outdoor adventures. Your mattress is easy to carry around and also able to packed into your car, boat or tent when you need to hide it away.

What’s best about Jungle Reef self inflating mattress is the free inclusions. Everybody loves free bonuses, and this one’s well worth having. With every mattress sold, we include a free self inflating camping pillow!

Self Inflating Camping Pillow

This assures you of the complete sleep experience, having a comfortable pillow and mattress to make the perfect end to any day whilst camping.

At 193cm long, the vast majority of people can enjoy the total comfort on offer here. The single measures a width of 64cm, which extends out to double that if you connect a second single self inflating camping mattress. The other option is to purchase a double self inflating camping mattress, with all of the same features but a total width of 120cm and an even greater length of 205cm.

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